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Trade Liberalization, State Trader Management Tenure, and Grain Pricing in Botswana

Published Date 2012-01-26
Author   Tebogo B. Seleka

The feasibility of mandatory fortification of cereals in Botswana

Published Date 2012-01-24
Author   Tebogo B. Seleka; Patricia M. Makepe; Pinkie Kebakile; Letsogile Batsetswe; David Mmopelwa, Keleswetse Mbaiwa and Jose Jackson

Factors underlying communal beef cattle marketing decisions in Botswana: The role of public and private transfers

Published Date 2012-05-21
Author   David Mmopelwa; Tebogo B: Seleka

Do public transfers discourage farmer participation in subsistence crop production? Empirical evidence from Botswana

Published Date 2012-05-21
Author   Khaufelo R. Lekobane; Tebogo B. Seleka

Rising global food prices: Causes and implications for Botswana

Published Date 2012-05-21
Author   Pinkie Kebakile

Welfare impacts of import controls on Botswanas horticulture

Published Date 2012-05-21
Author   Tebogo Seleka

Welfare Impacts of Import Controls in Botswana's horticulture

Published Date 2012-01-26
Author   Tebogo Seleka

Challenges for agricultural diversification in Botswana

Published Date 2012-01-26
Author   Tebogo Seleka

Social Safety Nets in Botswana: Administration, targetting and sustainability

Published Date 2012-01-12
Author   Seleka, T; Siphambe, H; Ntseane, D; Mbere, N; Kerapeletswe, C & Sharp, C

Citizen Economic empowerment in Botswana: Concepts and Principles

Published Date 2012-01-12
Author   Gergis, A.

The Role of Macroeconomic Policy Towards Food Security in Botswana

Published Date 2012-01-26
Author   Moepeng, P.

Botswana Social Protection Assessment

Published Date 2014-02-25
Author   BIDPA-World Bank

Do Macroeconomic Variables Influence Domestic Stock Market Price Behaviour in Emerging Markets? A Johansen Cointegration Approach to the Botswana Stock Market

Published Date 2017-07-06
Author   Khaufelo R. Lekobane; Onneetse L. Sikalao-Lekobane

Export Competitiveness of Botswana’s Beef Industry

Published Date 2015-09-02
Author   Tebogo B. Seleka; Pinkie Kebakile

Examining Evidence of Feminization of Poverty in Botswana

Published Date 2015-11-24
Author   Khaufelo R. Lekobane; Keneilwe S. Mooketsane

Public Transfers and Subsistence Producer Disincentives in Botswana

Published Date 2014-08-12
Author   Tebogo B. Seleka; Khaufelo R. Lekobane

Determinants of Household Welfare and Poverty in Botswana, 2002/3 and 2009/10

Published Date 2014-08-14
Author   Khaufelo R. Lekobane; Tebogo B. Seleka

Public Transfers and Participation Decisions in Botswana’s Subsistence Economy

Published Date 2016-09-20
Author   Tebogo B. Seleka; Khaufelo R. Lekobane

Export Competiveness of Botswana’s Beef Industry

Published Date 2016-11-30
Author   Tebogo B. Seleka; Pinkie G. Kebakile

Determinants of Household Welfare and Poverty in Botswana, 2002/2003 and 2009/2010

Published Date 2017-06-12
Author    Khaufelo R. Lekobane; Tebogo B. Seleka

Small Scale Milling and the Feasibility of Mandatory Fortification of Sorghum and Maize Flour in Botswana

Published Date 2017-06-26
Author   Tebogo B. Seleka; JosĂ© C. Jackson; Letsogile Batsetswe and Pinkie G. Kebakile

Household Wealth Status in Botswana: An Asset Based Approach

Published Date 2017-06-26
Author   David Mmopelwa; Khaufelo R. Lekobane

Determinants of Birth Weight in Botswana

Published Date 2017-06-27
Author   Francis N.Okurut; Fidelity Kepaletswe; David Mmopelwa

Rural Poverty i n Botswana: A Gendered Analysis

Published Date 2017-08-29
Author   Khaufelo R. Lekobane; Keneilwe S. Mooketsane

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Beef export competitiveness deteriorates – BIDPA study
Despite impressive performance at the beginning, Botswana has experienced declining beef export competitiveness since the mid 1970s, experts have observed. In a recent working paper titled ‘Export Competitiveness of Botswana’s Beef Industry’ published by ..Read more
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