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16th November 2016

Technology and the Nature of Active Citizenship: The case of Botswana
The use of technology in citizen participation has grown phenomenally in developed countries, but is emergent in most developing countries. Accessibility and the functionality of information and communication technology such as telephone, cellular phone a ...Read more

24th November 2015

Examining Evidence of Feminization of Poverty in Botswana
This paper examines feminization of poverty in Botswana using the 2009/10 Botswana Core Welfare Indicator Survey and the 2002/03 Household Income and Expenditure Survey datasets. The results indicate no evidence of feminization of poverty (at both nation ...Read more

02th September 2015

Export Competitiveness of Botswana’s Beef Industry
This paper investigates Botswana’s beef export competitiveness using indices of Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) and data for the period 1961-2011. Results indicate that Botswana has been the most competitive SADC beef exporter, and that it has compar ...Read more

28th November 2014

Integrated results based management in Botswana: Institutions, documentation and progress to date
This paper analyses Botswana\'s efforts in implementing the Integrated Results Based Management (IRBM) system. IBRM is a way of reforming public sectors through helping governments focus on proper, well timed achievement of relevant goals and objectives. ...Read more

10th November 2014

The Impact of Trading with China on Botswana's Economy
The objective of this paper is to examine the impact of trading with China on Botswana\'s domestic and third markets. The paper also assesses the structure and magnitude of Botswana-China bilateral trade. ...Read more

26th August 2014

Toward a Diversified Economy: A Preliminary Assessment of the Potential, Prospects and Challenges of Electricity Exports from Botswana
The paper assesses the prospects and challenges of coal-fired power exports in Botswana. Specifically, the study analyses how supply factors, that is, resource availability; environmental concerns; infrastructure and technology as well as demand factors a ...Read more

14th August 2014

Determinants of Household Welfare and Poverty in Botswana, 2002/3 and 2009/10
This paper investigates household determinants of welfare and poverty in Botswana. Using the 2002/03 Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) and the 2009/10 Botswana Core Welfare Indicator Survey (BCWIS), and employing regression analysis, we ident ...Read more

12th August 2014

Public Transfers and Subsistence Producer Disincentives in Botswana
This paper investigates the disincentive effects of public transfers on subsistence producers in Botswana. Comparative statics analyses indicate that public transfers would not affect farm production when profit and utility maximization decisions are recu ...Read more

10th March 2014

Key Issues in the Textile and Clothing Sector in Botswana
The paper considers the performance of the textile and clothing sector in Botswana, and reviews various national and international incentive schemes aimed at developing textile and clothing exports. ...Read more

20th May 2013

Inflation Dynamics in Botswana and Bank of Botswana's Medium-Term Objective Range
This study is motivated by the high and unpredictable episodes of inflation in Botswana over the last 20 years. This is despite the Bank of Botswana\\\'s concerted effort to keep inflation at its minimum and stable over time. ...Read more

02th October 2012

SACU Revenue Sharing Formula: Towards a developmental agreement
The South African Customs Union (SACU) Revenue Sharing Formula (RSF) has been revised substantively twice; once in 1969 and in 1994-2002 since the creation of the customs union in 1910 and each time the changes in the treaty were a reflection of the hi ...Read more

20th September 2012

Is the Botswana Pula Misaligned?
The objective of this paper is to assess the extent to which the Botswana exchange rate (the Pula) has been consistent with economic fundamentals. To do so an equilibrium exchange rate is estimated and compared against the values of the effective exchange ...Read more

21th May 2012

Competition and Trade Policy: The case of Botswana poultry industry
This paper (BIDPA Working Paper No. 31) describes the value chain in the industry and shows how, given the small size of the market, a high degree of market concentration exists. ...Read more

21th May 2012

Factors underlying communal beef cattle marketing decisions in Botswana: The role of public and private transfers
The paper examines factors underlying communal beef cattle marketing at a household level in Botswana, with emphasis placed on the role of public and private transfers. ...Read more

21th May 2012

Do public transfers discourage farmer participation in subsistence crop production? Empirical evidence from Botswana
The paper analyzes the impact of public food and cash transfers on farmer participation in Botswana\'s subsistence arable agriculture. The results indicate that publicly provided social pensions and food packages (rations) reduce the probability of par ...Read more

18th May 2012

Botswanas debt sustainability: Tracking the path
This paper argues that as was the case in many countries, the Botswana economy was hit hard by the global recession at the end of 2008 in which the demand for its minerals was drastically reduced (according to some estimates as much as 50%). And since m ...Read more

26th January 2012

Welfare Impacts of Import Controls in Botswana's horticulture
In this paper, an import demand equation is estimated to capture the impact of import controls on horticultural imports (oranges and potatoes) in Botswana. Elasticity estimates are then employed to endogenously compute Nominal Protection Rates (NPRs) and ...Read more

26th January 2012

Challenges for agricultural diversification in Botswana
Botswana has been pursuing the economy-wide objective of economic diversification for the past three decades. This paper examines the challenges Botswana’s Agriculture is likely to face under the EU/ACP Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). While the se ...Read more

26th January 2012

The Role of Macroeconomic Policy Towards Food Security in Botswana
Macroeconomic policy plays an important role towards the attainment of food security in Botswana because the country is a high cost production area, due to very low, erratic and unreliable rainfall, soils generally not conducive for agricultural productio ...Read more

26th January 2012

The African growth and opportunity act: A preliminary analysis of the possible opportunities and limitations to the Botswana's Exporters
The paper identifies products that have received substantial trade concessions as a result of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), which would otherwise carry a tarrif rate of 15% or more when exported to the USA. ...Read more

12th January 2012

Citizen Economic empowerment in Botswana: Concepts and Principles
This paper attempts to clarify the concepts and principles of citizen economic empowerment. Empowerment has been at the centre of a shift in thinking about economic development as a response to the failure of modernisation and trickle down economics ...Read more

main news heading
The Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis has attained a special milestone a research Institute, having been ranked the top think tank in Sub-Saharan Africa by the latest Global Think Tank Index....Read more
Front page news
BIDPA ranks fourth best African Think Tank
The Think Tank has been steadily progressing positively over the past few years. In the 2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report, BIDPA ranked fifth, whilst in 2013, 2012 and 2011 the institute was ranked tenth, twelfth and twenty ninth respectively. ..Read more
BoB should tighten screws on banks – BIDPA
The Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA) has called on Bank of Botswana (BoB) to tighten the screws on commercial banks. In a recently released special briefing reviewing the bank charges in Botswana, BIDPA said as the regulator, the..Read more
Beef export competitiveness deteriorates – BIDPA study
Despite impressive performance at the beginning, Botswana has experienced declining beef export competitiveness since the mid 1970s, experts have observed. In a recent working paper titled ‘Export Competitiveness of Botswana’s Beef Industry’ published by ..Read more
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