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27th September 2017

Health governance in Sub-Saharan Africa
The advent of global health governance means health administration that transcends national boundaries ...Read more

29th August 2017

Rural Poverty i n Botswana: A Gendered Analysis
We model the determinants of rural poverty in Botswana by conducting an empirical analysis of household welfare using the 2009/10 Botswana Core Welfare Indicat or survey (BCWIS) to identify such factors associated with ru ...Read more

28th August 2017

An assessment of socio-economic potential for Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) in semi-arid Bobirwa Sub-district of Eastern Botswana
This study assessed the socio-economic potential of the Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) techniques for crop production in the semi-arid area of Bobirwa Sub-district, Botswana. The main methods used to collect the data were the Participatory Rural Appraisal ...Read more

22th August 2017

An Overview of the role of Non-state actors in Preventing and Combatting Corruption: Challenges and Opportunities
Botswana has been lauded, regionally and internationally, for its commitment towards building a capable, democratic and developmental state. However, the country’s national anti-corruption agency, the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) ...Read more

22th August 2017

Regulation of Tertiary Education Institutions in Botswana: Issues and Options
The Government of Botswana has, and continues to invest on tertiary education as the key driver to knowledge based society. Tertiary institutions have been entrusted with the provision of quality and relevant education. ...Read more

10th July 2017

What Drives Private Saving in Botswana?
This study examines the determinants of private saving in Botswana for the period covering 1994-2009. We use quarterly time series data to evaluate the magnitude and direction of the effects of key policy and non-policy variables on private saving. ...Read more

06th July 2017

Do Macroeconomic Variables Influence Domestic Stock Market Price Behaviour in Emerging Markets? A Johansen Cointegration Approach to the Botswana Stock Market
This paper explores the long-term equilibrium relationship between the Botswana stock market price and selected domestic and global macroeconomic variables using quarterly data for the period 1998 to 2012. ...Read more

06th July 2017

The Casuality Between External Debt and Economic Growth in Botswana;Vector Autoregressive (VAR) analysis
Botswana is a diamond dependent fast growing country in Southern Africa. Even though foreign aid supported the annual budgets of Botswana till the late 1980s, after the successful establishment of diamond mining, the country began to wean itself away fr ...Read more

06th July 2017

Botswana’s external debt has been growing during the last few years, though at a moderate level and well within sustainable limits. But in the context of declining share of the mining sector in GDP, insignificant degree of diversification in Botswana ...Read more

06th July 2017

Technical Efficiency and Evidence of Economies of Scope in Botswana Agriculture: A Stochastic Input Distance Function Approach (1979-1996)
This study estimate technical efficiency indices and examines evidence of economies of scope in Botswana agriculture for each 18 districts and commercial sector using a multiple-output multiple-input stochastic input distance function approach covering ...Read more

04th July 2017

Understanding the nature of household poverty in Botswana
In Botswana, poverty is mainly a structural problem which arises from the pattern of economic growth. This paper is a contribution to the understanding of the nature of poverty in Botswana. ...Read more

04th July 2017

Famale participation in the labour market of Botswana: Results from the 2005/06 labour force survey data
This is an empirical paper that looks at the major determinants of labour market participation of females in Botswana using the 2005/06 Labour Force Survey(LFS) data, probit and logit models. Results show that education increases females‟ chances of par ...Read more

28th June 2017

The Textile and Clothing Sector in Botswana: Challenges and Opportunities
This paper considers the performance of the Textile and Clothing (TC) sector in Botswana and reviews various national and international incentive schemes aimed at developing TC exports. ...Read more

28th June 2017

Development of the poultry sector in Botswana: From good intentions to legal oligopoly
This paper examines the development of the Botswana’s poultry sector, which has become the dominant meat industry in Botswana. The poultry sector is the most successful example of import substitution in Botswana with the country having achieved nation ...Read more

28th June 2017

The impact of trading with China on Botswana’s economy
The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of trading with China on Botswana’s domestic and third markets. The paper also assesses the structure and magnitude of Botswana–China bilateral trade. ...Read more

28th June 2017

Time Series Modelling of Inflation in Botswana Using Monthly Consumer Price Indices
This paper identifies an autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA (1,1,1)) model that can be used to model inflation measured by the consumer price index (CPI) for Botswana. ...Read more

28th June 2017

Determinants of Household Debt in Botswana
The paper identifies the factors that are influential in determining the growth of household debt in Botswana. Understanding the relationship between household debt and other economic indicators is an important step towards formulating focused and effec ...Read more

27th June 2017

Determinants of Birth Weight in Botswana
The study investigated the determinants of birth weight in Botswana using the control function approach and the Botswana Family Health Survey (BFHS) data for 1996. ...Read more

27th June 2017

Measurement of competitiveness in smallholder livestock systems and emerging policy advocacy: An application to Botswana
Farm level cross sectional data of 556 randomly selected livestock producers were used to investigate the competitiveness of smallholder beef farmers in Botswana. The results show the presence of inefficiency, with about 74% of the variation in actual pro ...Read more

27th June 2017

Prospects and challenges of seed sector privatisation
African countries embarked on privatisation of their seed industries in the 1980s as part of the structural adjustment programmes. Botswana however, chose not to privatise its seed production services at that time. This paper examines the prospects and ...Read more

26th June 2017

Small Scale Milling and the Feasibility of Mandatory Fortification of Sorghum and Maize Flour in Botswana
In Botswana, as in many developing countries, food fortification is a potential strategy for addressing the malnutrition of low income groups. This article examines the potential costs of mandatory fortification of sorghum and maize flour for firms in Bot ...Read more

26th June 2017

Household Wealth Status in Botswana: An Asset Based Approach
Wealth has traditionally and commonly been measured using monetary indicators such as income and consumption (Hargreaves et al., 2007). Income is “the amount of money received during a period of time in exchange for labour or services, from the sale ...Read more

12th June 2017

Determinants of Household Welfare and Poverty in Botswana, 2002/2003 and 2009/2010
This article employs regression analysis to investigate household determinants of welfare and poverty in Botswana, using the 2002/2003 Household Income and Expenditure Survey and the 2009/2010 Botswana Core Welfare Indicator Survey data. ...Read more

30th November 2016

Export Competiveness of Botswana’s Beef Industry
We investigate Botswana’s beef export competitiveness for the period 1961–2011 using the Normalized Revealed Comparative Advantage (NRCA) index. Results indicate that Botswana has had a comparative advantage throughout the review period. Overall, the ...Read more

20th September 2016

Public Transfers and Participation Decisions in Botswana’s Subsistence Economy
Botswana has an extensive set of publicly provided cash and in-kind food transfers geared at providing a safety net to poor and vulnerable groups. While such programs have improved household welfare, from a theoretical perspective they could have also c ...Read more

23th April 2014

Impact of Shocks to Public Debt and Government Expenditure on Human Capital and Growth in Developing Countries
This paper examines the implications of shocks to public debt and government expenditure on the development of human capital and growth within a model that explicitly recognizes the role of fiscal constraints through introducing the government budget cons ...Read more

16th September 2013

What Drives Private Saving in Botswana
This study examines the determinants of private saving in Botswana for the period covering 1994-2009. Quarterly time series data is to evaluate the magnitude and direction of the effects of key policy and non-policy variables on private saving. The varia ...Read more

20th June 2013

Impact of Exchange Rate Volatility on Botswana�s Imports
This paper investigates the effects of the Rand/Pula exchange rate volatility on Botswana*s disaggregated imports. The VECM framework is selected in order to take into account the possibility of simultaneity between endogenous and exogenous variables. ...Read more

30th August 2012

The Rand/Pula Exchange Rate Volatility in Botswana.
Journal of Social and Economic Policy, 9(1), 45-52 ...Read more

21th May 2012

Welfare impacts of import controls on Botswanas horticulture
Botswana has, for the past two decades, used import controls (permits) to regulate horticultural imports, and thereby promote economic diversification through import substitution. This article estimates import demand equations to capture the impact of imp ...Read more

26th January 2012

Trade Liberalization, State Trader Management Tenure, and Grain Pricing in Botswana
This article examines how trade liberalization and grain marketing board management tenure influenced grain pricing in Botswana. Regression analyses of nominal protection rates (NPRs) and marketing margins (MMs) are used to test the hypothesis that policy ...Read more

26th January 2012

Beyond public administration? HIV/AIDS policy networks and the transformation of public administration in Botswana
What impact has HIV/AIDS had on the structure of public administration and what further lessons do these changes hold for other policy sectors in Botswana? For long, Botswana has had the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS, bringing many developmental challeng ...Read more

24th January 2012

Service delivery in a changing policy context
Perspectives: A public governance journal, 1(1), 1- 7 ...Read more

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As part of the strategy development process BIDPA held a one-day strategy validation workshop for Board of Trustees and Board sub-committees’ members on 5th July 2018, in Kasane....Read more
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BIDPA ranks fourth best African Think Tank
The Think Tank has been steadily progressing positively over the past few years. In the 2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report, BIDPA ranked fifth, whilst in 2013, 2012 and 2011 the institute was ranked tenth, twelfth and twenty ninth respectively. ..Read more
BoB should tighten screws on banks BIDPA
The Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA) has called on Bank of Botswana (BoB) to tighten the screws on commercial banks. In a recently released special briefing reviewing the bank charges in Botswana, BIDPA said as the regulator, the..Read more
Beef export competitiveness deteriorates BIDPA study
Despite impressive performance at the beginning, Botswana has experienced declining beef export competitiveness since the mid 1970s, experts have observed. In a recent working paper titled Export Competitiveness of Botswanas Beef Industry published by ..Read more
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