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31th July 2015

Botswana after diamonds: A study into the consequences and responses to the depletion of Botswana's diamonds
The overall purpose of this study was to seek a path for the Botswana economy towards a future in which government revenues from taxation of the mining sector would be substituted, to the greatest possible extent, by revenues from other sources, as part o ...Read more

23th April 2014

Elections and Management of Diversity in Botswana
This study on Elections and the Management of Diversity in Botswana was part of a wider study carried out in several sub-Saharan Africa countries in 2011/12. ...Read more

23th April 2014

Synthetic Gem Quality Diamonds and their Potential Impact on the Botswana Economy
This paper considers the development of synthetic gem quality diamonds and the potential impact on Botswana, the world’s largest producer of mined diamonds by value. The paper considers the rapid growth of CVD diamonds in the past 20 years and argues th ...Read more

25th February 2014

Botswana Social Protection Assessment
Despite its rapid economic growth and high per capita income level, Botswana is still plagued by many development problems common to low-income countries. To respond to these economic and social challenges, the country has put in place a mature and comple ...Read more

09th July 2013

Industry Regulation in Botswana: Case Studies in Industry Governance, Implementation and Public Accountability
These case studies on the media, the legal profession, the retirement funds and construction industries, reveal insights about using regulation. In Botswana, regulation is highly state centred, largely mimics competition, engenders multiple accountability ...Read more

06th July 2013

A Fine Balance: Assessing the Quality of Governance in Botswana
This is the inaugural Democracy Index for Botswana and is intended to set a benchmark for democracy to be measured against in the future ...Read more

14th December 2012

Coal Exports and the Diversification of Botswana's Economy
The paper considers the opportunities and risks associated with the development of Botswana’s steam coal export sector. Given the very high coal prices on world markets achieved over the last decade together with the growing demand in India and China for ...Read more

20th August 2012

Making the most of natural advantages:Intellectual property and natural products in Botswana
This report came about as a result of the desire of Botswana non-state actors to understand the issues surrounding the management of the intellectual property associated with their biodiversity, particularly natural products such as indigenous plants.The ...Read more

10th August 2012

Deepening Integration in SADC: Botswana - A Benchmark for the Region
The basic objective of the study was to provide a broad stock-taking of the status of the policy frameworks in Botswana, especially with the targets set out in the Memorandum of Understanding on Macroeconomic Stability and Convergence, with the view to pr ...Read more

24th January 2012

The feasibility of mandatory fortification of cereals in Botswana
Cereal fortification in Botswana is not mandatory. Therefore, it is not widely practiced in the commercial milling industry. However, in the case of maize milling, which is done by large-scale companies, fortification is currently done on a voluntary basi ...Read more

12th January 2012

Social Safety Nets in Botswana: Administration, targetting and sustainability
In this study, a comprehensive review of SSNs in Botswana is carried out. The study draws from interviews and focus group discussions conducted with SSN beneficiaries, key informants, programme implementers and the 2002-03 Household Income and Expenditure ...Read more

12th January 2012

Performance and Competitiveness of Small and Medium Sized Manufacturing Enterprises in Botswana
Despite the Government of Botswana’s past and present notable initiatives to make the environment conducive for SMEs and other businesses through such schemes as the Financial Assistance Policy (FAP) and the Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CED ...Read more

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As part of the strategy development process BIDPA held a one-day strategy validation workshop for Board of Trustees and Board sub-committees’ members on 5th July 2018, in Kasane....Read more
Front page news
BIDPA ranks fourth best African Think Tank
The Think Tank has been steadily progressing positively over the past few years. In the 2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report, BIDPA ranked fifth, whilst in 2013, 2012 and 2011 the institute was ranked tenth, twelfth and twenty ninth respectively. ..Read more
BoB should tighten screws on banks – BIDPA
The Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA) has called on Bank of Botswana (BoB) to tighten the screws on commercial banks. In a recently released special briefing reviewing the bank charges in Botswana, BIDPA said as the regulator, the..Read more
Beef export competitiveness deteriorates – BIDPA study
Despite impressive performance at the beginning, Botswana has experienced declining beef export competitiveness since the mid 1970s, experts have observed. In a recent working paper titled ‘Export Competitiveness of Botswana’s Beef Industry’ published by ..Read more
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